The Nubco Distribution Centre

Room to move...

In 2006 Nubco decided that we needed additional space to hold backup stock for our customers. So we took the next step and started constructing a Distribution Centre on our 11,500 square metre site in Devonport. 18 months later the DC was complete and operations started.

We have 2 separate buildings with one being dedicated to steel which is 130m long and the other holding general stock items.
Having this building has enabled us to hold greater volumes of stock which in turn allows us to buy in bulk and pass on the savings to our customers. As we all know, Bass Strait is a long stretch of water and it seems to take an eternity to get things across.
Having our DC allows quicker turn around times for product into our stores and cuts down on customer waiting times.

This facility is kept running smoothly by our team of 7 dedicated staff who ensure that stock is efficiently being sent to our stores and our customers.