Trailer Compliance


All new trailers (including imported trailers), not exceeding 4500kg Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM), presented for registration in Tasmania must comply with requirements of the National Code of Practice for Building Small Trailers ? Vehicle Standards Bulletin (VSB)1 ? as published by the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government. Please click on the below link to download the full copy of the "Light Trailer Requirements".

Light Trailer Requirements

If you have previously purchased Trailer Springs from Nubco and would like to find out the spring load rating, please see below a full list of our spring sizes and corresponding load rating.

Eye Slipper
3 Leaf Trailer Spring Set - 600kg Capacity
4 Leaf Trailer Spring Set - 800kg Capacity
5 Leaf Trailer Spring Set - 1000kg Capacity
6 Leaf Trailer Spring Set - 1200kg Capacity
7 Leaf Trailer Spring Set - 1350kg Capacity

5 Leaf Tandem Spring Set - 2000kg Capacity
6 Leaf Tandem Spring Set - 2500kg Capacity
7 Leaf Tandem Spring Set - 3000kg Capacity